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What does a Custom Gear Shift Knob mean to you? It means unique, one of a kind and exclusive. The stock shift knob on your car is installed on a million other cars. A Custom Gear Shift Knob will separate your unique style from all the "regulars." Don't give in to that dull bland look. Shift knobs give your car a "style" rather than just a look.


Car companies don't manufacture custom products. That's because they put a lot of focus on other aspects on a car rather than the shift knob area. So don't let that stop you from amazing yourself with the powerful change a shift knob can have on your interior. If you cherish your vehicle then you should give it a diverse personality that only a gear knob can fulfill.


The maintenance of a shift knob is as difficult to accomplish as it is to open the door of your car. It's a replacement piece for your existing knob so the gear knob takes up as much, if not less, room than the stock shift knob took up from the start.


Afraid of a difficult installation? Breathe in, breathe out? Professional installation is definitely a procedure you can skip when putting in a shift knob. Car dummies have been skillful at the gear knob installation for years. Don't spend extra hard earned money on expert help when all you need is two hands when your knob arrives.


Don't be satisfied with what the car comes with. Be satisfied with a unique personality and your own personal creativity. Custom is the improvement you've awaiting for.


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