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Real Aluminum Dash Trim Kits , MimoUSA Alum Dash Kit

Typically in the last few years the sheer aftermarket auto parts industry has gained a sheer Northward momentum. Items especially the real aluminum dash trim kit  have etched a whole new era in customizing cars and also in augmenting the interiors and style of your vehicle. At MimoUSA we value your requirements hence have walked few miles to offer you cutting edge solutions under the name and style of Real Aluminum dash trim kit by MimoUSA.  Well, the dash trim kits which we offer are pretty much easy to install and also etches a striking interior look for which you might have longed so far

Indeed, your friends have told you right; MimoUSA Brushed Aluminum Dashboard Kits are available in an array of styles and are usually made of 3M adhesive on the back.  The adhesive on the back thus eases out the sheer installation process. Correct; this stylish range of the Trim Kits is simple peel and stick installs applications for your existing dash board.

As a matter of fact, the Real Aluminum dash trim kits are more or less similar to that of the carbon fiber kits in material, and the only difference however lies in their metallic aluminum finish. Needless to say – these stands as an incredible purchase and as an attractive add on to your vehicle. Be frank – are you actually looking ahead to buy the next striking accessory for your car? This time let it be the Real Aluminum dash Trim Kit in reinventing your car’s interior while carrying your style statement to another level altogether. Fret no more, these fit well to almost any kind of vehicle be it the cars, the trucks, the SUVs or be it your mini vans even.

As the name implies, the Brushed Aluminum Dashboard Kits are available in brushed aluminum, in OEM aluminum and also in chrome. The best part is these have UV coating to prevent regular tear, wear and fading. Of course, every MimoUSA Real Aluminum Dash Trim Kits has been laser cut with immense precision in order to fit 100 percent to OEM specifications. We know ‘perfection’ matters to you hence offers you the perfect match for your vehicle amidst the durable and fresh range of trim kits in brushed aluminum.

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